Moving boxes

moving-boxes-by-skrewtapeEveryone knows that before moving we need to make preparations and in the top of the list is packing your items, packing your items is also a big part of they success of your move, means if you not doing it correctly some of your belongings will not survive the moving process, most of us are not experienced movers and not professional when it comes to packing boxes, even that its looks like an easy task there are lot of ways to mess it up, the basics of packing are using the correct type of box to the right type items, for example when packing pillows and linens you can use thin cheaper type box, large box will be OK, if packing books you will need to use small box thin box is OK, the types of moving boxes are:

Wardrobe box-the wardrobe box is the largest of boxes, this box is for you to be able to hang your cloth in with out folding and wrinkle, them, also a good way to utilize the wardrobe box is to pack at the bottom under the hanging cloth some light items like shoes and pillows.

Dish box- the dish box is the thickest of boxes and made for breakables, you can pack in it fine china to electronics and also use it to crate glass items, also when using this box you need to make sure to use a lot of packing paper or bubble cruft to protect the the items you pack in it.

Large box-the large box is  thinner type box and the best use for it is for lighter larger items as pillows and blankets, do not use this box for breakables or books.

Medium box -this box is the most common box, and there are many uses for it, avoid packing it with breakable, ideal use for it is lines, small toys, decorations, pots and pans.

Book box-this is the smallest box for moving and of course the first use will be for books and heavy items, you can also use it for  single fragile  items such as figurine.

Picture box-this box is made for flat items, you can use it for pictures, mirrors, wall art, glass shelf’s.

Mattress covers- there are two ways to pack mattresses, the options are plastic mattress covers and the second one is cardboard cover, if your mattress is newer and expensive you better use the cardboard one, and use the plastic for the box spring.

TV box-the TV box is an expensive box and that the reason I will not recommend using them for any other use, if you don’t want to invest the money you can use a dish box to protect your TV.

There many other types of boxes that are not talked about here that you can use and get for free from your local supermarket, all boxes are fine just remember do not over load don’t make them to hard to move and use the heavy duties ones for breakables and you will be fine, also don’t forget to mark on the box if its have breakables in it.



long distance moves-charges


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Moving long distance can be very complicated, not only you moving all your belongings from one place to another, you are moving to a different state and chances you don’t know the area you moving in to very good, witch means that you not going to know if there is a good access to your new place for a large moving van, for most long distance moves the moving company will use a large 18 wheeler to deliver your items, even that most time the pickup will be done with a small 24 or 26 foot truck, on the delivery part they will show up with a 53 foot trailer hooked up to a truck that is about 20 foot long making a huge 73 foot van, so if you are moving in to a tight street or an apartment complex there are a good chance that the truck will not feat in, and the moving company will have to rent a smaller truck and transfer your items to that truck and then deliver to you, this called a shuttle, there always a charge involved with shuttle and most likely you have singed it in the moving contract, shuttle charges are directly affected from the size of the load and will be calculated by pounds or cubic feet, if you got a large shipment shuttle charges can be high, sometimes  even in the thousands, so if you don’t like surprises make sure to check with the local police and/or with the apartment management if they allow large semi trailer with 53 foot trailer, and if they not ask the company to provide you the coast of the shuttle, sometimes its better to pay moving company to drive a smaller truck-direct delivery and not use the cheaper option of the semi trailer, a direct delivery will be if the moving company load your item on a small truck and drive the smaller truck to deliver your shipment, there will be only your shipment and all the fuel expanses will fall on you, but if you are not moving very far it might be cheaper then having to pay for a shuttle, also if you are moving in to storage, make sure they got an access for semi trailers, most of them don’t.

another charge in a long distance move will be the long carry, each mover comes up with there Owen definition of long carry, some say its over 50 feet some say 75 and some say 100, some will say its will coast you $50 per 75 feet and some will say $75 or more, make sure you ask  you movers,  usually you will see long carries in apartment buildings and storage, if the movers have to carry your shipment to an elevator and then from the elevator to the apartment or the storage unit its easy to overpass 50 feet, when renting a storage unit you want to make sure its an easy access even if its coast more, you will save in the move in and in the move out.

flight of stairs is the 3rd charge in long distance moves, not like in local moves when the stairs are part of the charge because you are being charge most likely by time or by the item, in long distance you have to pay for the stairs, most companies will give you one flight of stairs with no charge, and will charge from the 2nd  one up, rates will varied between companies.

the last charge is for waiting time, companies will let you know what day they are arriving to deliver your items, they will call you a day before to set up the delivery time, if they arrive for your delivery and have to wait on you they will charge you for the waiting time, rates also can change  between companies.


How to choose the right movers

How to choose the right movers? that is the million dollar question when it comes to moving, we all know that moving is a very stressful time in our life, and the last thing we need is to get yourself in a bad situation with some shady movers that will make you life a living hell, and believe me I’m not just trying to scare you, they can really do that to you, here is few instants that I have heard about that happen to nice unsuspecting people just like you, they all made the same mistake that have started in the research for a moving company, unfortunately the only thing they have focused was cheap, they just called 100 companies and chose the cheapest one of them all and that a guaranteed way to get your self in to trouble, and that what have happen to them, movers come and load the belongings, and drive to the delivery location, before they unload the driver in charge approaches the customer and give them the news, your bill is not as estimated $120 but its $600, you trying to tell them but you have quoted me $120, I’m not paying a penny more, and he tell you we have used 2 boxes and a roll of tape, and you had 20 boxes and not only 18 and that is the new price, you can pay or we will leave with your items, you being pressured you had a long day and the only thing you can do right now is pay, and that is the way they operate, you got your lesson and you will never go for price only, but tomorrow there will be someone else that will do the same mistake as you, or you might do it again yourself on a different market, we all look for the best price and that is what they pray on, don’t ever choose your movers base on price alone, cheap will coast you arm and a leg.670px-avoid-moving-company-scams-step-2